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Forms for

Davis Affordable Professional Counseling

It is best to speak with me first to know what forms are appropriate for you. 


Per our phone conversation, please find the links to the forms below and click on the links to begin the process of reading and signing these necessary forms. Please email the signed forms back to me no later than 7am on our appointment date: Options to sign and return: DocuSign, a document scanning app, like Document Scanner Pro. Please do not send these forms back as a picture, image, or jpeg. I cannot begin the session until these forms are signed and returned to me. If you return these forms to me after 7am on our appointment day, this may take up time from our initial session. 

For Adult Individuals:


For Couples:


For Families with Minors:


For Pre-Engaged/Pre-Married Counseling:

Privacy Practices (read only)


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