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What Counseling will be Like at

Davis Affordable Professional Counseling

Over the phone I would like to get a brief idea why you are coming in and this is the best time to ask me any initial questions. I also do a short intake that usually takes about 10 minutes.



During our first session I will highlight some important areas addressed in the Agreement for Services/Informed Consent form as well as explore other important areas to seeking counseling with me. Afterwards, I would like to get a more in depth understanding of what is going on and allow us this time to explore your goals for counseling, what has worked in the past, as well as what has not worked. I will frequently check in with you and ask you how our sessions are going to make sure that I am helping you get your needs met.


Each week we will meet for 50 minutes. It is my policy to meet with new clients weekly (or more). Bi-weekly and monthly appointments are only scheduled for clients who are in 'maintenance' and have met most of their goals for seeking counseling. The duration of sessions (how long you will be in counseling) varies for each case and is therefore impossible to predict. The termination of counseling should be explored and decided between both the client and therapist. Your therapist should be someone who you can build a rapport with and who can help you make appropriate decisions in your life. My clients find it helpful to keep a long-term therapeutic relationship with me where they see me monthly and/or quarterly to check in. 


You will find yourself in a room with complimentary water, tea, & coffee, air conditioning, and heating. This office offers an elevator (please let me know in advance about any special needs). Dogs with hypoallergenic fur are welcome upon exploring with you how their attendance might affect our sessions. 


Please Note: Please help me maintain time limits, and use your time wisely. If you must cancel or re-schedule a scheduled appointment, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance by texting me so I can make appropriate schedule changes. Your regular fee will be charged if a scheduled appointment is missed or canceled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment. Notifications must be received through text message at 530-848-1561. 

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