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The fee is for every 50 minute session and is based on a structured sliding scale.





It is based on money your household receives per month as a source of income and can range between $60-$120/session. The fee is established as part of our intake conversation over the phone (530-848-1561) where I ask various questions to determine what your fee will be on the scale. It is understood that some people do not receive money per month, but maybe quarterly or yearly that they use per month as a source of income. Some people have others paying for the session or helping with their daily life essentials. Those things will be factored into the sources of income received. This fee is based on the length of session versus the amount of people in session. I accept checks (made out to "Dezaree Finch"), cash, credit cards, debit cards, health savings plan cards, and utilize Venmo (username "Dezaree-Finch"). The fee is due at the beginning of session in order to not interrupt the therapeutic process at the end. Please note that the fee will increase by $10 every March 1st if your fee is between $45-$65, and $5 if your fee is between $70-$95.

Insurance: I only take Victim Witness Compensation Insurance. Participating in other insurance panels could significantly impact the quality of care I am currently able to give my clients, as well as possibly compromise their personal health information. Therefore, I've chosen not to accept payment from or conduct any direct business with other insurance companies. However, some clients are able to receive reimbursement directly from their insurance.  All clients are responsible for the full fee up front, and the client bills their own insurance directly. Upon your request, I can give you a superbill (professional receipt) you'll need to submit.  Reimbursement rates vary depending on policy and I cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed by your insurance company. 


*Current Medi-cal/Partnership coverage and Cal-fresh recipients will receive a discounted rate of $45/session. In order to receive this discounted rate, a current copy of a medi-cal/partnership identification card must be emailed or faxed to me within 24 hours of us booking the appointment. Email: dezareecounsels@dezareefinch.com, Fax: 530-231-2886



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