Type of Counseling at

Davis Affordable Professional Counseling

The type of counseling that you would encounter while seeing me is considered “responsible eclecticism”, which means that I use various types of interventions that I have been well trained in that are best suitable for you, your family, or your children.


I find that having one type of intervention may not be beneficial for all individuals, families, couples, and children. Some interventions include me not just listening to your problem, but helping you problem solve different areas, using your strengths, while trying different exercises and techniques in session, and encouraging you to try some things outside of session that will help you get your goals met. You would not experience any type of "new age", "suggestive", "psycho-babble", or questionable therapy while having counseling with me.


I enjoy working with adolescents, children 10+, couples, families, and multi-cultural individuals and families, drawing from a variety of treatment approaches to best meet each person’s particular needs, in a safe and supportive environment. 


I approach each person, couple, and family as a unique and respected unit. My work is based on my belief that relationships, in every area of our lives, past and present, are one of the things that greatly affect our well-being and the potential to live our lives healthy. 


I support and strive to help others explore the values that they possess and the values that they want in close relationships. 


Finally, I support the reality that part of being a helpful counselor is seeking and receiving great knowledge from other counselors and paraprofessionals and I encourage and help others to utilize and build their support systems as well.