Current Availability

Updated 7/16/2021

I hope this finds you well,

Yes, I am still providing counseling/mental health. I understand how important mental health is during this time.


Currently, you have the option to come in person or do Zoom sessions. I am fully vaccinated. Saturday's and Sunday's are Zoom sessions only.


Hours: Tuesday's & Thursday's 5pm-9pm, Saturday's 11am-4pm, Sunday's 3pm-7pm. I see people by appointment only.


Here are some things to keep in mind in regards to telehealth therapy:

*Things I should know for Zoom sessions

Finally, when you try to schedule an appointment, I will likely be booked. I have a waiting list that I could put you on, but if you are in a crisis situation, it would be best to seek out another therapist. I do apologize for this inconvenience. Wait times vary between 4-12 weeks. June-August tend to have longer wait times.